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Oct 2006 (Adobe Acrobat) (948-kB)
Sep 2006 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.0-mB)
Jul 2006 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.1-mB)
Apr 2006 (Adobe Acrobat) (2.1-mB)
Mar 2006 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.6-mB)
Feb 2006 (Adobe Acrobat) (820-kB) Feb 2006 (Adobe Pagemaker) (26.1-mB)
Jan 2006 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.8-mB) Jan 2006 (Adobe Pagemaker) (30.9-mB)
Nov 2005 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.8-mB) Nov 2005 (Adobe Pagemaker) (22.3-mB)
Oct 2005 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.6-mB) Oct 2005 (Microsoft Publisher) (17.0-mB)
Jun 2005 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.1-mB) Jun 2005 (Microsoft Publisher) (13.7-mB)
Feb 2005 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.2-mB) Feb 2005 (Text) (20-kB) Feb 2005 (Microsoft Publisher) (22.1-mB)
Jan 2005 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.3-mB) Jan 2005 (Text) (20-kB) Jan 2005 (Microsoft Publisher) (22.9-mB)
Nov 2004 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.2-mB) Nov 2004 (Text) (16-kB) Nov 2004 (Microsoft Publisher) (21.5-mB)
Oct 2004 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.5-mB) Oct 2004 (Text) (40-kB) Oct 2004 (Microsoft Publisher) (67.0-mB)
Jul 2004 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.2-mB) Jul 2004 (Text) (16-kB) Jul 2004 (Microsoft Publisher) (21.7-mB)
Jun 2004 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.4-mB) Jun 2004 (Text) (48-kB) Jun 2004 (Microsoft Publisher) (39.6-mB)
May 2004 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.5-mB) May 2004 (Text) (16-kB) May 2004 (Microsoft Publisher) (24.1-mB)
Mar 2004 (Adobe Acrobat) (3.2-mB) Mar 2004 (Microsoft Publisher) (45-mB)
Feb 2004 (Adobe Acrobat) (2.7-mB) Feb 2004 (Microsoft Publisher) (23.6-mB)
Jan 2004 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.3-mB) Jan 2004 (Text) (32-kB) Jan 2004 (Microsoft Publisher) (22.5-mB)
Dec 2003 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.0-mB)
Sep 2003 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.1-mB)
Apr 2003 (Adobe Acrobat) (124-kB)
Mar 2003 (Adobe Acrobat) (812-kB) Mar 2003 (Text) (40-kB)
Feb 2003 (Adobe Acrobat) (2.0-mB) Feb 2003 (Text) (8-kB)
Jan 2003 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.5-mB) Jan 2003 (Text) (52-kB)
Aug 2002 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.3-mB) Aug 2002 (Text) (20-kB)
Jun 2002 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.8-mB) Jun 2002 (Text) (20-kB)
Apr 2002 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.6-mB) Apr 2002 (Text) (36-kB)
Feb 2002 (Adobe Acrobat) (1.6-mB) Feb 2002 (Text) (32-kB)
Dec 2001 (Adobe Acrobat) (188-kB) Dec 2001 (Text) (32-kB) Dec 2001 (Microsoft Word) (60-kB)

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