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Spring Rally May 7, 2006

Spring is springing!!! Right?? Let's get out and DRIVE!!!!

May 7, 2006 will provide us with a prefect opportunity to do just that!! Rally Master Jeff Turco has been "burning the midnight oil" to put together a fun and picturesque Spring Rally for our enjoyment.


When: May 7, 2006 12:00 Noon
Where: Dryden, New York. The rally start point is 36 North St./Route 13, in Dryden. This is the location of the old Burger King and most likely will be a Dunkin' Donuts by May 7. Dryden is located on Route 13, between Cortland and Ithaca. Exit Route 81 in Cortland at Route 13 and follow Route 13 South into Dryden. (see map below.)
What: A fun rally through beautiful, rural Central New York.
Fee: $5.00 per car.
Bring: A navigator, a full tank of gas, a pen or pencil, a clip board or magazine, and a map (preferably of New York State).

Rally Master Jeff Turco has designed a scenic and fun rally route for our driving pleasure. The rally will be approximately 50 miles long and will end at a location where we can partake of food and drink! At that time we will also be informed of how successfully we traversed Jeff's rally route. This, of course, will be "the good news" and "the bad news"!! Reminder: Unfortunately, due to PCA National insurance regulations, you must be 18 years of age to participate in rallies.

Let's not disappoint Jeff! He has put lots of effort into providing a fun day for us!! Come out and join us for this interesting driving adventure. We will have a great time!!

map to rally start

Charity Auction March 11, 2006
Central New York Porsche Club of America's Annual Charity Auction was March 11. Year after year, this event has proven to be one of our most enjoyable and rewarding events!!
Winter Rally Feb 19, 2006 The anunal CNY PCA region's Winter rally, Host by Rick Holt and family in Ithaca NY.
Autocross at Oswego Speedway July 8 & 9, 2005 Cruise-in and Autocross at Oswego Speedway! July 8 6 PM for Cruise-in (free), July 9 8 AM for Autocross ($20). Oswego Speedy, Albany St, Oswego NY. Click here for more details and to register for the autocross
CNY's DE Picnic June 25, 2005 Picnic, BB'Que at the Track or Winery, State Park, Town Park TBA ( Rick Holt's checking it out)
Zone DE June 25, 2005 Zone 1 48 hours DE at Watkins Glen
Niagara DE at the Glen May 30, 2005 Niagara Region's Driver's Ed at Watkins Glen
Burdick Cobweb Concours May 14, 2005 Burdick's Cobweb Concours, Click here for details
Spring Rally May 1, 2005
Tech Session March 26, 2005 Tech Session Host by John Hajny at his shop - email will follow with details
Charity Auction March 19, 2005 Charity Auction Hosted by the Edmonds - 5pm cocktails - 6pm Dinner RSVP PLEASE to 315 685 1048 PLEASE.
Winter Rally February 20, 2005
Annual Planning Meeting January 23, 2005 3:30 to 4:30 at the Edmunds
PCA CNY Annual Meeting November 13, 2004
Fall Tour October 22, 2004
Zone 1 Rally & Concour May 15, 2004 Zone 1 Rally / Concour Saratoga Springs (see zone section for more details)
Tech Session May 2, 2004 Tech Session at Chris White's Garage in Marcellus NY
Hershey Swap meet April 24, 2004
Rennsport-Daytona April 23, 2004 Rennsport at Daytona. The Gladle's are going if anyone would like to caravan.
Charity Auction April 17, 2004 Annual Charity Auction at the Hathaway House
Spr Tech @ REDLINE Rennsport March 14, 2004
Zone 1 Tech Tactics March 05, 2004 Zone 1 Tech Tactics (see Zone section for more details)
Driver Ed Planning February 28, 2004
Winter Rally February 22, 2004
HOLIDAY PARTY December 14, 2003
Annual Meeting November 15, 2003
2003 VIR trip November 7-9, 2003 The Last trip for the CNY Driver's Ed road group was to VIR, with NNJR
Instructor Semminar November 1, 2003
Fall Tour October 10, 2003
Click here for the form
Great Syracuse Octoberfest Sepmember 20, 2003
Watkins Glen - Vintage Weekend Sepmember 5, 2003
Brian and Missys Summer party August 10, 2003
Mosport Driver's Ed July 25, 2003 NNJR & UCR, Mosport Driver's Ed July 25-27 2003.
Dinner at Thak's June 28, 2003 Dinner at our Presidents home. During the Zone 1 driver's ed event.
Zone 1 48 Hours June 27, 2003 Zone 1 Driver's Ed at Watkins Glen.
Zone 1 Club Race June 13, 2003 Zone 1 PCA club race at Watkins Glen
Porsche Breakfast Club Rally May 24, 2003
MOST May 17, 2003
Zone 1 Concours and Rally May 16, 2003
Hershey Swap meet April 26, 2003
Tech session at Chris White April 19, 2003
Annual Charity Auction April 5, 2003
Tech session at John Hajny March 15, 2003
Zone 1 Tech Tactics February 28, 2003
Cicero Breakfast February 16, 2003 Breakfast at Cicero Cracker Barrel 9am (exit 30 off of 81)
Winter Rally February 09, 2003
2003 Planning meeting January 18, 2003 Yearly plannning meeting to schedule events for the year. Held at Ralph and Joyce Edmond's home, in Skaneateles.
2002 Summer Pinic & Rally August 11, 2002 2002 Summer Pinic and Rally at Brian's and Missy's wonderfull Home outside of Fulton NY

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