The Annual Meeting was at the Hathaway house just South of Mcgraw along route 41. About 40 people attend The event was set up my Mike Derminio After cocktails, and a fine dinner, Thak start the rounds Brain Daley did a report on the happening at the zone 1. Parade will be at Fort Worth July 4-10. Hershey the following year but should not overlap with 48 Hours at the Glen. 2. Up'n Maine region disbanded, now part of Down East Region. 18 regions left in Zone one. 3. New insurance program. Submission can be done through internet. 4. Zone One concours next May (mid month) will be at Saratoga Springs hosted by Hudson Champlain region. Down East region will host 2005 concours in the Portland area. 5. DE harness requires racing seat with slots. No Y belts. H belts behind seats OK. Zone One to host Chief instructor workshop in November meeting. 6. Discussion of Cayenne at DE. Most agree that it is OK. Ralph reviewed the region's finances John reviewed the Driver Ed happening Thak talked about the lack of concour events and autocross and repeat that we are just not about driver's ed Awards Winter Rally 1. Ralph & Joyce Edmonds 2. Thak and Skip 3. Chuck & Joyce Gladle Summer Concour-Peoples Choice Air Cooled 1. Bill Noroski 2. Gerry Goldberg 3. Steve Turco Water Cooled 1. Rick Holt 2. Jim & Jan King 3. Sally Jameson Best Attendance Male: Tie, Jim King and Bill Noroski Female: Jan King Most Improved Young Driver Female: Megan Turco Male: Dan Shea OOPS Award Shared between Dick Shea & Chris White Spark Plug Award Chuck & Joyce Gladle Bent Valve Award Brian Daley More details to follow when I am given them Tim O'Brien